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Double Visions”, the next progression of “Dry Documentaries”, is a project that explores the melding of the paired images from the “Doppelgängers” series. Starting with the representational photograph, its abstract counterpart is then overlayed with slight adjustments to opacity, alignment and sizing. Next, as with the original RAW files, only minor adjustments to contrast, color and tonal balance are applied. As I review my abstract work I continue to encounter further evidence of the parallels and influence of my traditional landscape photography. Additionally, during these creative photographic exercises, I have come to realize how these abstract interpretations have, in turn, influenced my overall approach to photography as a whole.
Eastham WatercolorsCrested Saguaro Portrait IAutumn WoodlandsDeath Valley PaletteA Low Tide RevealAn American Bison Portrait IBow Bridge ShadowcastCalm Sound MorningCold Front EncroachmentFlockingEmpire State December SkyMarsh Grass Mash UpHoodoo In Winter's WavesFoggy Bluff BlendGrays Beach Reflected Sky

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