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Initially comprised of photographs taken along the coast of Maine, Cape Cod and the North and South shores of Long Island, the “Dry Documentaries” body of work depicts both familiar and alien landscapes while simultaneously exploring organic, abstract art forms also encountered. The landscapes, seascapes and abstract visions that make up this multi-part series are non-manipulated photographs captured as camera RAW files. Only minor contrast, color and tonal balance adjustments have been applied to the digital negatives. It is of utmost importance that my printed images are actual representations of what I framed through my viewfinder.

The underlying theme of “Alternative Landscapes” is the temporary nature and existence of each photographed landscape. At one time clean, unblemished surfaces, each has been exposed to a wide range of elemental influence. Extreme temperature, wind, water, ice, and sunlight, as well as other physical effects, have transformed and transmogrified the ordinary into the extraordinary. In time, and for many already, these landscapes will disappear as part of the sometimes environmentally controversial anti-fouling process – using specially created materials or coatings to remove or prevent biological accumulation on boat hulls.
Stream In Four SeasonsClearing Winter Storm Clouds Above PastureHS2IMG_8979-Luminous OceanFull Moonlight Over Half Moon BayTide Pool and Crashing Surf IIHamptons SunriseKicking Up on the PlainsCoastal RoadDune Grass at Low Tide IIIThe Breaker

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