Scott Farrell Photography | AN ABSTRACT VESSEL
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The first installment of abstracts from my "Dry Documentaries" series. Each photograph was captured "as is" with no manipulation other than color balance corrections and contrast adjustments of the original camera RAW files. Pretty much a "what I saw is what you get" collection of images.

New installments will follow every few months.
Mainsail Meets GaleRed Sea SailDown the RapidsTransforming WatersEidolon FelisFiberdegradation IVVortexDisturbance Under WaterVan Gogh in the Snow (a.k.a. Vincent, You've Dropped Something)Clay Pots in Winter FogFloating Leaves and Lily PadsBeach Bonfire IIFissuresVenus de Milo in ReposePteranodon Fossil

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